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Faculty of Engineering Science

Juniorprofessur für Methoden des Batteriemanagements - Prof. Dr. Fridolin Röder

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The junior professorship for battery management methods is concerned with the development of modern model-based methods for the optimization, monitoring and control of batteries. The aim is to improve the service life and safety of current battery systems and to develop customized operating strategies for batteries with novel materials.

Problem definition

The electro-(chemical), thermal and mechanical processes that take place during the operation of batteries often cannot be considered separately and are not limited to a specific length scale. This is particularly important for complex degradation processes. Therefore, cross-scale and multi-physical approaches are required.

Research approach

The research group develops prediction models on various scales, ranging from electrochemical interfaces to large-format cells. In addition, batteries are characterized using modern electrochemical methods. On the basis of these experiments, the model parameters can be determined and the models can be validated. The research is embedded in an interdisciplinary research environment and acts as an interface between material development and electrical system integration.

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